Sit Stay Cafe
Yes, there has been a coffee shop in this location for over 25 years after a commercial glass glazing business closed.  You will see signs of previous uses in the original floor with exposed bolts, cracks, and studs from previous walls. My name is Anita, and I took over the cafe in 2010 renaming it the Sit Stay Café.  Over the years I have been fortunate to combine my love of dogs and a desire to provide a meeting place for friends and family to enjoy good conversation and a warm cup of coffee.

Much like we appreciate the floor with its life-earned characteristics, we welcome customers to feel comfortable in sweats, pj’s, board shorts, wetsuits with wet hair and sand from the beach; whatever!  We love the sense of community our cafe offers; you can sit and relax with a good book from our selection of novels, you can chat with friends, or make new friends!  When your family comes to visit, bring them by, we want to meet them! 

Our staff is made up of friendly individuals who want nothing more than to provide you with an amazing experience. That's because, at the Sit Stay Cafe, it's our mission to provide you with great food and drinks; and a sense of community … of belonging.  PLUS, dogs to snuggle and pet.