Welcome to Sit Stay Cafe!
A true neighborhood cafe, continuing traditions started over 25 years ago when the first coffee shop was opened at this location.  Shorts, flip flops, even pj's...you will feel welcome in our friendly, casual and relaxed atmosphere.  
Great Food & Coffee
A Great Community

The cafe is owned and staffed by dog lovers and is a "dog-friendly" place. We have a patio and bench out front where you and your dog can hang and socialize with other four-legged friends.


"Great breakfast bagel sandwiches. Pastries and cakes. Plenty of coffee drink options. Hot and cold, and teas!
Cute, cozy little cafe. (Photo ops too!)"

​-Anisa A.
"Went here today on my walk to the beach and was not disappointed! Had a delicious butter caramel latte and got to pet some adorable dogs during my visit!"

-Mary H.
"The staff was very nice, even made a suggestion of substituting lettuce for the sprouts on my California sandwich... the place is minutes from the beach & dog friendly....
Pretty good!!!"

​-Toni C.
"Love this place!!!! Always stop for coffee when I am in the area.... coffee is great and the staff is super friendly. I sit out side and watch the people come and go. Then I grab a coffee to go and walk the beach.
See ya next time I'm in town"

​-Jim C.
"Came here this morning for a coffee and it was an absolutely amazing experience! Staff were super friendly and the set up was cute. It's a cute little shop open to all people, especially welcoming people with dogs. They have adorable dog photos hung on the wall and their coffee is delicious and super affordable! Try this shop out when you're in the area, it's a different experience!"

-Shaeli Z.
"Great service as always! Love the atmosphere! Dog friendly! Sitting outside you always meet some of the best locals and visitors to Huntington Beach! The staff here is always on point! Food is prepared fresh and is delicious! Sam is the best!"

-Ed H.


Not only do we serve great drinks and food, but we also have a cozy area where you can sit and chat or read a good book!

Our collection of books are available for everyone! Feel free to take a book that catches your fancy and leave one behind that you think someone would enjoy.

Book Exchange


If you are looking for somewhere that has a great sense of community, where you can stroll in and know that you will be welcomed, then stop by Sit Stay Cafe! We are located by the beach in Huntington Beach, California, and we would love to meet you. You can come in your pj's or your shorts and flip-flops since we are casual and inviting! And we are dog-friendly, with water dishes set out for our four-legged friends, and a nice outdoor seating area where they can stretch out and meet new friends.

So you're walking your dog in Huntington Beach, California. You've got on flip flops and a tank top, and it's early in the morning and you need caffeine!  But man, what a hassle it would be to go home, drop off your dog, and change. Don't you wish there was a cafe where you could go as-is with your dog in tow? Well, it turns out there is such a paradise after all!

We're the Sit Stay Cafe, a neighborhood cafe that's super relaxed and dog-friendly! That's right, nothing is stopping you from enjoying a hot cup of coffee with your best friend at our cafe. We're dog lovers ourselves, and we love visiting with all the pups that come through our door! The outdoor patio and bench is a perfect spot for your dog to hang with some other four-legged amigos. In addition to our pet friendliness, we also offer amazing food, outstanding service, and a tranquil atmosphere. We're the perfect place to relax and forget that the outside world even exists! Feel free to come to melt away in our cafe any time you'd like.

Now that you've got an idea of what we do at the Sit Stay Cafe, how can we help you in particular? Have you been searching for dog-friendly restaurants in Huntington Beach, CA? Are you looking for the best coffee in the area? Great! Then you're going to love what we have to offer at the Sit Stay Cafe!